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April 17, 2015

"The Greek in Me" Scholarship!

Abroad Scout in collaboration with the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) is now accepting entries for the “Greek In Me” scholarship competition.
Students are invited to showcase an aspect of their self that relates to the Greek lifestyle (food, music, heritage, education, philosophy, society, art, etc.) in up to a 4-minute video.  Video entries can be accompanied by music and words. The content submitted should not contain any third party copyright material without a formal license or permission.
The best video submission will receive a $1,000 scholarship to attend the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) for the Fall 2015 semester.
To participate please enter here:
The deadline is June 1, 2015. Students must be accepted to study abroad at the American College of Thessaloniki for the fall 2015 semester in order to apply. Any submissions not accompanied by an acceptance letter will not be eligible.

The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) is the ‘student hub of Greece’, a culturally intact city, small, diverse, youthful, at the crossroads of east and west and the gateway to Southeastern Europe. With a student body comprised of Greeks and international students from approximately 30 countries, visiting students find a valuable cultural immersion experience at ACT, as well as a plethora of community outreach opportunities. To learn more about ACT and its programs, visit here.


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