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June 12, 2015

Awesome Volunteers Needed!

Abroad Scout is recruiting a team of awesome, fun-loving, and motivated volunteers to help develop and launch a few projects, as well as maintain ones that have already started! This position will be remote and require you to work from home or your local coffee shop! 

If you love study abroad, all things travel, are determined but can work in a laid back environment, put up with my antics, and need some real-world experience working in international education - than this position is for you!


This is an unpaid, summer volunteer position, with roughly 5 – 10 hours expected per week (more if you'd like), and possibility of carrying over into the fall, if desired. You will receive real-world training and experience working on projects related to international education and the mission of Abroad Scout.

You’ll be interacting and networking with professionals in the field, so not only will you gain experience, but you will gain connections too! Of course, you will also be writing/blogging, strategizing, emailing, and even some possible calling!

Because I (the Director you will report to) need to keep up with emails and projects I've started (why I need you), I am looking for people who I can trust to go off on their own and get the job done. You will not be watched over 24/7 – you will be given tasks/projects and then just check in with me once a week or when needed.

Overall, I’m looking for some fun and passionate people who not only meet the expectations but they try to take it to the next level! There are multiple positions open too!


-Some form of previous international/study abroad experience
-Comfortable working remotely from home (that's right, you can wear pj's to work for all I care)
-Awesome computer skills (bonus points for graphic design/photoshop savvy)
-Social media and online marketing knowledge
-Eagerness to work with some of the most awesome rock stars in the field
-Professional manor, but know how to have fun
-Minimum of 5 hours per week and a two to three month commitment (probably start of July 1st)
-Available to attend a weekly “meeting” online to update me on progress, ask questions, etc.



Email your LinkedIn profile to me at using the subject line “Volunteer Intern Application.” Make sure you share the public link to your profile and that it is up to date and gives me an idea of who you are both professionally and personally.

In the body of your email, please just write me a FEW sentences (like 3) as to why you really want this position, your time availability/tentative schedule you'd like, and one fun, random, and/or interesting fact about you! :) I'll tell you one too – I may or may not have stalked a couple of film sets to try and meet Adam Sandler, and I moonlight as a paint and wine instructor one night a week! Look, I gave you two! 


You’ll be contacted if I’d like to interview you via Skype. I will try my best to contact everyone who applies, but please do not be offended if you do not hear from me!

So, are you ready to join my team?! 


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