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July 24, 2014

The Study Abroad Map

Searching for the right study abroad program is a shopping experience unlike any other. It isn't like finding a university, a vacation, or a job. In one city alone there can be hundreds of possibilities from which to choose. Where do you begin?

Most online program directories allow you to search by numerous fields, with the results being a list of program providers who have paid for advertising. Programs and schools who haven't paid for advertsing---and there are many---are invisible and often not even listed. Faculty-led programs tend to be the most specialized and the most difficult to find in online directories. Consequently, a renown professor in his or her field may offer a very unique and exceptional experience that is only known by a small percentage of students.

With a goal to make studying abroad easier and more transparent for students, Abroad Scout has devised many new ways to search for all kinds of study abroad programs, international institutions, and universities abroad. Faculty-led programs are just as visible as all other kinds of programs and are much easier to find on Abroad Scout than anywhere else.

The Study Abroad Map allows you to find programs visually by location. Unlike a typical word-driven directory, you can see program population density in each city and geographical location within a city and country. Believe it or not, many students have no idea where different cities are located within a country and how many programs are there. Hence, this type of search can be very useful to understanding the study abroad profile of a region or nation.

Use the Study Abroad Matchmaker: nine steps through continent, countries, subjects, languages of instruction, accommodations, city sizes, price range, GPA requirement, grade/credit level to a custom list. Results are saved. Search again and save another query. Or use the regular programs directory where you can search by keyword and multiple fields at the same time, and bookmark programs you like.

Help us build the largest searchable study abroad map and more effective ways for searching study abroad programs. Schools, institutes, and universities add your program(s) and get on the map for free.


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